To Walk and Talk…that is the question?

Sometimes we take time to walk and talk, and in those moments we are granted great perspective, but even when the time goes by and that activity is interrupted we can have the same experience in many places, maybe even here. “On the internet?” you say or, here on a blog? Sometimes we simply need a setting where someone can throw out ideas which inspire or a simple nudge to look at our innate inner wisdom.

There are times when the clouds part and send clarity our direction, but the next day the reliable cloudiness of life comes back to remind us of the human confines of the physical body. The silver lining is in our thinking. That we can change. Or, it can change in spite of us.  It is often an open canvas ready for a make-over or a new creation all together.

Where are you today? Although it was sunny outside my window, the clouds came to visit me inside, but I was not alarmed. It will change tomorrow or maybe even an hour from now.

Let’s find some Walk and Talk Time! It’s a great activity for mind and body.


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