Walk Talk Time…Brrrrr Cold!

Woo Wee! It was a cold northern wind today. Had to use a hat, full coat, and gloves to keep the wind at bay, but the nose could not keep from developing the frosty drip. Oh, but the drought hit lake was up from all the rain and snow! Wow, the energy from the surroundings was crisp and clean and God-given. This will turn off my atheist friends, but will be misinterpreted as religiosity by my church friends. Either way of processing the information will be just fine. I don’t have to be in control of how it is processed. The energy of the walk changes not with how it is received. It was simply, yet majestically full of power. There for the taking. There for me and my walking partner to tap into. Free and at our service. That is why I am here at Walk Talk Time. To share the energy.

E-mail me at jackieradford1@gmail.com or post here with any discussion on the topic of God-given energy. What is your experience? Is the source of energy showing up for you? Where and When?

A world of unlimited imagination…let the Walk and Talk Time continue.



One thought on “Walk Talk Time…Brrrrr Cold!

  1. Today, we talked of the unlimited abundance that we have in our experience. We knew as we grew warm from the activity despite the cold wind that we were given a great opportunity to freely exercise and acknowledge the good of the moment. The hedgerows also created warm pockets that offered a reprieve from the cold. Our minds rarely returned to the cold or wind because the issues at hand were more interesting than the nose freeze. Well…almost!


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