Spring has Sprung?

Mist was in the air. Gloves, a couple of jackets, and a hat helped keep the chill at bay until the body temp rose from the activity. Thoughts for the day were elevated with the increased endorphin levels from the walk/jog pattern used from my couch to 10k app on the iPhone. I used 8 reps of 1 min. jogging and 4 min. walking. I Started going against the wind as usual, but turned around half way to get the boost from being blown back to the start. As I headed back I was able to start taking off the hood and tying the insulated coat around my waist, even if a student of mine, cough (Amanda), told me never to do that. Haha! Only a windbreaker and gloves were needed after turning back.

The thinking of the day was positive and consisted of all the things I had to be grateful for, but I couldn’t get past the list of the obvious visuals I passed along the way. I am always so surprised at how quickly my mindset changes to the positive when I take time to do this. Often I am not even cognizant of the fact that my mindset needs lifting. But, it happens every time. Anyone else notice this about themselves? There is a double whammy to combining exercise with gratitude.

Some of the pluses from the scenery were the resting ducks on the lake, the water level rising from the past snows and rain, white birds (of which I need to locate the name) floating on the wind, the few other exercise enthusiasts bundled up and motoring faster than myself, and the majesty of the clouds and mist. Oh, did I mention the tunes that pump energy into the mental space in my brain? No? Well, they give way to the desire to raise outstretched hands in acceptance of the greatness of the moment. This place in time is a great sanctuary. It is no different from a church service. It is about giving and receiving. Respect for the divine without leaving the earthly realm.

Okay, back to the title today, Spring has Sprung? I noticed as I started the cool down walk back to my vehicle that the Bradford Pear trees were starting to bloom. I stopped to take a few pics. I am posting one here. Even though they smell bad body odor, they are beautiful and made me pause to experience the very first hints of spring on a drizzly cold cloudy day. Be glad you cannot smell them! Phew! But I’m glad I can show you one.

Enjoy! And don’t forget your WalkTalkTime! It is good for a change of pace.

Can you say, "Bless you?" It makes me sneeze.
Can you say, “Bless you?” It makes me sneeze.



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