And now for April Showers!

This is such a great time for our sun-baked plains. Rain, rain, and more rain. Can’t get enough of it. I really do hope to see the lakes rise to crazy levels, but will settle for any addition of liquid life as it will benefit us all come summer. April is such a great time, but as a teacher it represents a get it all done, rush-rush-rush time to the finish of the school year. No time to sit back and enjoy the cool breezes, watch the leaves bud, and grass turn green. That is sad to think that English projects, and Prom, and enrollment, and May Day Flower Fundraisers are of such importance that there is NO time to sit and ponder and visit, and just enjoy being with our peeps. No, we must wait for summer and JUNE to get here for that.

I refuse to do that anymore. I refuse to go so fast that the fast lane is even a blur. I will make some mad and have already made good people scowl at my turtles pace. I am not panicked by the haste of the “get ‘er done” front office. It is a bad day for me when a report is required that takes me away from relating to the people we call students in the classroom. But the days are way too filled with exactly that. If you do not do the reports while students are present you have to give up your personal time and rarely see your family, much less the light of day outside the school building. I live an hour and a half from where I teach which adds “insult to injury.” Don’t mind the cliché’. It paints the picture so well.  Where does the time go? It will pass with or without our blessing, participation or plain old good horse sense. Mark my words though, that if we do not make choices to slow it down and do the important, like spending quality time with our peeps, we will end up not important to anyone.

What does all this have to do with rain, April showers, WalkTalkTime? Well, my walk talk time have been inside the hallways at school, on my mini trampoline at home late at night, and the thousands of hours listening to instructional audio on my commute to school. It will slow down. I will get a reprieve from my drive to work and I will return to the lake where I so desire to Walk and Talk,but for now the April showers remind me that the water is rising. My next WalkTalkTime will undoubtedly be amazing! Can hardly wait!