To Change! Here, here!

Wow! Where has the time gone? June is in full swing. It passes whether we post on our blogs or not. A couple of graduations flew past and my oldest childs wedding, a change in employment from one school district to another for me, close proximity to two local tornadoes and bam, it is the middle of summer break! The temperature is sitting at about 96 degrees today and sunny to say the least. My disposition is that of sunny as well! No fog, no need for the lighthouse today. I can tell where the rocks edge is today, but not so every day. Most days I need the beacon of light that comes from within. Today the physical structure of the lighthouse on the shores edge is enough, and welcomed.

So grateful for the opportunity to type a few lines. One of many things I have done in the past few days is read Michael Neill’s book “The Inside Out Revolution.” It so exactly pulls together in a short but clear way how our thoughts bring about change “for better or for worse.” They should add that to the wedding ceremony verbiage. “I take you  for your thoughts which make you richer or poorer, sick or healthy, till death do us part.” It is true.

I wish people everywhere knew this principle. Change comes from within. Not from externals. I think externals are nice and produce great settings, but the change comes from within where the thoughts swirl and settle and take shape. We are but one thought away from life changes. Some for the go

od, some for the bad, but we are that close to change. It is only ever a thought away. That brings a smile to my face as today, I slow down and ponder where I need to make adjustments. The adjustments will only take place when I do something, but the doing can only take place beginning with thought. May we have good thoughts today. May we breathe life into the 96 degree weather here. And, may our thoughts inspire us to change. Here, here!