Encouraged by my own words? Really?! What a nice surprise!

It’s been a while but the desire is still there! I fell asleep so early and now am blessed with quiet time to reflect. Just woke up alert and as life offered me the gift of returning to a trusted place, I picked up the iPad mini to find the ease of reading my posts from WalkTalkTime! Wow! Inspiration from myself! How could that be and what a nice gentle loving reminder of where encouragement flows. It flows from life itself! My last post was the day I walked 9 plus miles around the Lake! September it was. Now ever so near the end of February 2014. Only one more 9 week period before summer break. Hardly seems possible.

I noticed as I read my entry about the nine mile trek that I spelled the word dam (concrete holding or retaining water) wrong and consistently added the “n” to it making the word an expletive! That makes me laugh. Maybe that day the dam side of the lake was an expletive. I’m very proud of my effort that day. I surprised myself on that trek as I surprise myself in this early morn, picking up this device to continue a venture into the unknown of blogging! I encourage others with more talent than myself to do this and yet, why don’t i?

So there you have it as my youngest sister would say.

Like the 9 miles around the lake ended with lemonade, a celebration if you will, which for me is reason enough to continue any endeavor I enjoy. Lemonade or celebration you might ask, which is the reward? Funny! I think it is both! They are equal and similar and interchangeable! As much as I enjoy the reward and celebrating with lemonade though, I am reminded constantly that life is about the “journey” not the destination. The moment is the true lemonade.

On to more Walking and Talking! Or both or either! I like it all! No matter if Sandy thinks it a journey of one soul. I think he meant it would not attract or market to the masses. Would I want to? Quite simply no! I want to coach people preferably one at a time but really without perimeters. That would be like putting “God” in a box. Not likely, nor a good thing to do!

Peace out my home fries! Until next time middle of the night or mid day, or high noon!
Let’s keep Walking and Talking! It will do us all good!



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