Went to walk…but didn’t.

“Sometimes, not often enough, we reflect upon the good things. And we think about the people, who have meant so much to us…and have made us so very happy.”

Anyone know that song or it’s origin? We sang it at our wedding to thank our fam and friends. I really like how it says “…not often enough. ” We take so much for granted until it is gone. Or, until we transition to the spirit world. Gratitude will lift our hearts. It will elevate our spirit. It will bring about joy in the beautiful simple pleasures of life.

One of those for me today was eating Mexican food at our favorite restaurant. Spinach enchiladas, rice and beans for me with an appetizer of guacamole salad for us both, and a beef taco and one cheese enchilada, rice and beans for him. Drinks are simple. Water with lemon for the man and water with lime for me which I must say are so refreshing. Today we splurged with the $3 margarita and $3 sangria drinks. We were hungry and the temp was already in the 90’s on May 4th no less.

We skipped walking and went straight to eat. It may be one of the last times we repeat this tradition of eating from our favorite watering hole. We spoke of future plans. Plans that after 31 years of life together we move apart. The man goes to the city and builds the business. The author here pursues the quiet life. But even if our path is not to continue together we will be joined at the hip with family. That will never change.

For now from Robert Frost, “two roads diverged in a yellow wood,… and I – I took the one less traveled by…” And, that “Will” make all the difference.

Next week back to “Walk and Talk Time!” Not sit and eat time! Lol
(Can you say Lol on a blog?) Ha!