100 Things

One Hundred things could be a hundred century rides. (I would like to do just one.) It could be a hundred mile run or logging a hundred miles, as well as walking that many miles. It could be a hundred pieces to a puzzle or a hundred questions on a test. Maybe a hundred rose petals covering the path down the aisle of a wedding chapel.

One hundred things sparked my imagination as I heard it repeated over and over by a short person sitting up front on the bus headed home from school yesterday! I smiled as I saw imagination aflame in such a small frame. The look of wonder and awe of a number bigger than this little person had ever dreamt.

Cereal was an option because a box might contain that many pieces. Next was a discussion of how many m&ms were in a bag. Toys were considered in the one hundred things discussion. Dolls, hot wheels, insects, and plastic farm animals were suggested by slightly longer legged people sitting the next row back as possible collections of the afore mentioned one hundred things.

I continued to puzzle and admire the topic from this little one trying to grasp this bigger than life concept of something that could be carried on the bus. As happens every day I bellowed back for students to collect coats, pack up backpacks, and pick up trash because town is one curve away.

Short, medium and tall legs exited at the first few stops, and then we stopped for this very short person who after fist pumps and regular “goodbyes” were exchanged turned directly to me, face to face to say, “Miz Waford! I will bwing 100 giant Legos! Okay?!” Eyes bright as the final triumphant thought of the perfect collection came to mind! One more fist pump and the bright hat and coat of the shortest rider was shuffled off by big brother!

I continued to puzzle over the origin of such a thought. Today as the short riders climbed onto the bus, they began to share what they had brought to share at school for their contribution to the One Hundred Things theme. All items fit inside backpacks as great pride was taken in announcing what each brought. The thought of a hundred things had materialized and been conquered.

Talk died down and the shortest person began a round of “Head and shoulders, knees, and toes.” We sang a duet until the terrain outside whizzing by was a distraction. Before slowing down to stop at the tracks I barked the announcement to pack up and get ready since we were almost to school! Anticipation of sharing 100 Things for them was ahead!

I’m still pondering the possibilities around the idea of One Hundred Things! My list doesn’t materialize into things to be put in a backpack. But that’s not a bad place to start!

What are your One Hundred Things?



Vinyl is Cool

Music is life at fluctuating frequencies! Love it!

The Repository

So, vinyl is cool.

Anyone who really claims to know me knows music is probably one of my top 5 favorite things in this world and that’s possibly including people and pets.  Ask my friends specifically and a few might even refer to me as the dreaded “H” word (Hipster).  Now, I don’t incessantly babble about how I listened to the latest Alt/Indie label-less darling before anyone knew they were something other than some washed up NYU art major trust fund babies trying to “communicate the world” through their sound.  At least that’s the stereotype right? Nah, not me. I just listen to lots and lots of music.

This Christmas I decided to dive into the deep end.  The world of vinyl records always intrigued me.  I never took it seriously, partly because I never had the experience of setting the needle to a groove while growing up.  Sure my parents…

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It’s a New Year! Back to school! I do many things still one of which is driving a big yellow bus. We are back at it. The short people that sit up front are my daily entertainment. One tattles and one yells using her outdoor voice because of a fear of not being heard. One across the aisle says, “Be quiet! You’re giving me a heady-ache!” “Bus Driver, I don’t want to sit by …” In the next breath as the next very short person gets on, they carry on as great friends because the one climbing on has special treats!

Sounds just like life! Special treats bring about even those that request we sit elsewhere! It’s a great ride! It’s a new Year!!!