Vinyl is Cool

Music is life at fluctuating frequencies! Love it!

The Repository

So, vinyl is cool.

Anyone who really claims to know me knows music is probably one of my top 5 favorite things in this world and that’s possibly including people and pets.  Ask my friends specifically and a few might even refer to me as the dreaded “H” word (Hipster).  Now, I don’t incessantly babble about how I listened to the latest Alt/Indie label-less darling before anyone knew they were something other than some washed up NYU art major trust fund babies trying to “communicate the world” through their sound.  At least that’s the stereotype right? Nah, not me. I just listen to lots and lots of music.

This Christmas I decided to dive into the deep end.  The world of vinyl records always intrigued me.  I never took it seriously, partly because I never had the experience of setting the needle to a groove while growing up.  Sure my parents…

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