Really? My, how time flies!

March has come and gone already! Frigid weather for this great state is mostly gone. The budding flowers may get one more frost bite in April, but all around I see shorts and sandals! 

If you walk late at night you’ll observe some of the greatest most friendly stars. The raw twinkling beauty makes me pause to ponder my place here on earth. And yet I do the same in my easy chair when I sit to meditate.

I’m a beginner with meditation but have prayed my almost 53 years. It always seemed like keeping the communication open between me and spirit, God, divine. Just walkin’ and talkin’! Now in meditation I dwell on Gods name YAH WAY while noticing my Breath. 

Good things come and tears too! Mostly from gratitude. Well for now I’ll go and drift off in thoughts of God. Allowing peace to permeate my sleep. That is always a good idea! My place here in this world is in the ebb and flow of our life under the stars or at home in the easy chair. They are one in the same. Breathe in and breathe out! Like the tide…let go!


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