Just 3 songs, but Music…is life

How do you narrow down a music topic to three songs? Music is life. Ebb and flow like the tide. What’s popular may not last, but often some of it does. 

So, three choices. Hmmm. The first pops up as “I could not ask for more” by Edwin McCain. Oh, to be at peace and so thankful that I could not ask for more. Total contentment? Maybe. The beginning of the song talks about being next to your lover “listenin’  to the rain”. What is more picturesque?

Okay, the second favorite is “Rain” by Creed! Don’t judge me! It fed my soul during a drought in my life physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally! I think there is a theme here, but interestingly  enough I didn’t see this until the prompt  popped up to write on this today. So why such a trendy song? Why not! Day after, very long day, one summer long ago I prayed for Rain! “For days and days!” Lol! Then as I prepared with a couch to 5k app,  I came across the song again and put on repeat for many miles. I was connected to the pure energy of it. Really, it chose me. 

Now, the third song I’d  have to say is more of a recent reunion with “Have you Ever Seen the Rain?” by CCR. “Have you ever seen the rain? Comin’ down on a sunny day.” I have. It’s crystalline in appearance. Looks like broken bits of mirror. Shiny glimmers of spirit flash in high frequency. I saw it just today in my rear view mirror. These lyrics reflect  

 life. All can look sunny yet tears can flash upon anyone at any moment if we are awake enough to pick up on it. 

Rain is a common thread running through these songs. No pun intended. Drops from above.  But then, they all three point to something greater than ourselves. Hope, gratitude possibly we take away from these songs. But at times I take away the feeling that is passed, or the time of great intensity is gone. Just gone. At that space in time it will never return. It is then my soul recognizes the priceless gift of these songs and I sing along.


One thought on “Just 3 songs, but Music…is life

  1. Nice one! It’s great that you’ve managed to find a theme in the three songs that you’ve chosen – I haven’t read a post where anyone has managed (or even attempted) to do that. I have to admit, Creed and Edwin McCain are guilty pleasures for me as they remind me of middle/high schools days when I used to listen to them all the time! Great post 🙂


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