101 writing : Day 5 Random Letter

Walking across the parking lot at Guitar Center a folded up piece of paper caught my eye. I bent down to pick it up. The letter read…

“Johnny, you dog! You’ve gone and done it now! I heard you play last night down at Shady’s. The last set keeps piercing my soul. The words won’t let me go, and your voice had me in a head lock all day. 
I could not work. I could not eat. I could not carry this, this, this obsession. Can you meet me? At Shady’s for a coffee at 10? I’m the owner of the dragonfly tatoo on my left shoulder. 
Just meet me please. 
You’ll never have to see me again after this if you don’t want. 
One coffee?”
Taking the note I folded it back and entered the store. I had a mission in mind.
I asked the youngster at the first counter if Johnny was working. He looked to the back and said he thought he had gone for the day. He mentioned a gig Johnny and his band were playing up north later tonight.
“Damn!” I said. “I was hoping to catch him.” 
“He’ll be in tomorrow!” The lad offered.  


“Do you know when they will play at ‘Shady’s next?”
“What’s with the questions about Shady’s?” 
“He must’ve been stellar last night!”
“I told a sweet chick in here before you that he was set to repeat last night.”
“That’s before I woke up and had recall of his prior gig up north! No matter now.”
We laughed! 
I walked on and looked at an amp cable I’d been needing and some guitar strings. Made my purchase and headed past the young guy at the door. 
He said as I passed, “Dude, I just heard the manager say Johnny’s gig up north got canceled. He’s headed back to solo at Shady’s later!” “That’s what’s up!” 
“Later bro!”
I showed him my receipt and out I went. Turning over the note in my pocket I knew what I needed to do.


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