Day Six: A Character-Building Experience

Ok! Here’s the deal! I’m from a really small town and the chances of me running into anyone new ouside of new Pre-K kids or move-ins at school is not great. No one new at the bank, no one new at the grocery store, or the drugstore because our pharmacist will never die, I’m sure. A new Science teacher was hired, but it might not be wise to talk shop in this forum. 

 It would be fun to tell about the two really short kiddos, male and female, that have to sit apart on the bus route because they fuss non stop. For some unknown reason this morning they were yelling across 4 seats and the loud radio, some knock-knock jokes that only they understood. Like this one, “Knock-Knock!” “Who’s there?” “Banana!” “Banana who?” “I don’t know. Is it you?” Then they both broke out in smile provoking laughter. They are characters, but I will leave them for another time when I’m old and grey which at this rate could be soon. 

The only new stream of people whom I come in contact with any regularity are waitstaff at some restaurants in the nearest city. That’s about it. So Tony, at one of my favorite restaurants, was a joy to have serve us. Our drink order was messed up not by him but by the new drink guy. Tony came back and made it right with much confidence. He never skipped a beat and never blamed or belittled the inexperienced help. 

Next the orders came out wrong, not because he didn’t take the order correctly, but again because of new trainees behind the scenes. He clearly communicated in order to fix the mistake. A bit later the manager for the night came by to comp our meal. Tony told him of the mix up. That was a big surprise. We declined and he gave us a free dessert instead! Tony had again communicated on our behalf and took what could have been a bad experience to a higher level. He made it so. He cared and his character became evident. He acted on our behalf. He did not talk his way through the meal, but acted on our behalf. 

As the meal was winding down we mentioned we would have to roll away on our round bellies. Tony said no ones belly was rounder than his! Seriously?! He wasn’t that big. This guy was king of no ego! I can’t say much about his physical build but what made him beautiful came from the inside. No ego and serving people is a great lifetime pursuit. Sometimes we find these folks in the simplest of places. There was another man we’ve heard of like that. He was a carpenter.


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