Day 8: Death to Adverbs

But I really like Adverbs! Ok, so no adverbs today. This is the day I find another hobbie. I overuse adverbs. 

Calling the fields I drove past today bright is a gross understatement! Where am I? The bee boxes have been brought in to pollinate. The dark storm clouds were the backdrop. And the mud caked back window hid it all as I passed by the mile after mile of canola laden fields. 

Some seniors drag overstuffed furniture to the perimeter to take trendy Sr. pics at the last minute. Lovers have pics made of themselves skipping  through it so they can announce for everyone to save the date. Don’t forget the fido enthusiasts who send the family pet out through it in hopes of taking a pic of the special best friend leaping from it. If it grows any higher we will have to  carve mazes into the field and charge admission. 

Wear your shades if you come to the fields. I keep wondering when we will hear of an increase in the local allergic reactions to bee stings in our state. Then my mind drifts to if the local honey sold will have a canola taste. I know. That’s crazy though!


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