Day 9: Point of view

Today I turned 89 so I had my grandson, Harry, walk me to the park to knit for a while. It was a beautiful day! My project was to finish the little red sweater I had started for the neighbors nephew who was turning two tomorrow. I wanted to have it ready to give to him at his birthday party. It would be a block party. We’ve all been neighbors for years. Oh my! I’m so thankful for the warmth of the sunshine today. It allows my hands to work at a quick pace. No pain today. There’s so much light. I am drawn to it today. Colors are brighter. Sounds are clearer. Is that singing I hear?  Goodness gracious child, it can’t get any better than this. Harry will be back in a bit, but I can’t wait. Its such a great day. It’s the brightest most beautiful light shinning through the trees and across the lawn! Oh how it sparkles!

Harry told me he’d be outside the shop to pick me up at 10 this morning. He said he’d be prompt and to be ready. He’d been waiting for a warm spell so he could have me meet his grandma! I like old people! He had told me of the special tradition they had of him escorting her to the park so she could knit. Harry would then walk to the corner kiosk to pick up pastries and coffee. Today, he walked the extra block to pick me up from my jewelry shop. My sis and I are joint owners, and today she shooed me out the door to go meet Grandma! I’m wearing my red shawl. Harry said it was her favorite color. It matches my hair. He said grandma once had red highlights to her hair too. Or that’s what he saw in the pictures he’d been shown. I hope she likes me.

That did not take long! There she is. Ready for our outing. I’ve not been this excited for grandma to meet one of my lady friends for some time. Today it’s happening! Tess looks fantastic. Off we go. One more stop on our way a block from here for the coffee and pastries. I have to purchase her special birthday pastry. Grandma loves the cherry cream filled tarts! 

I point grandma out across the lawn with her back to us on the wrought iron and pine park bench. We could make out her red sun visor and the red throw she had draped across her shoulders. The light today was grand. Shining through the trees and shimmering off the new green blades of grass. There seemed to be a special halo of light shining around grandma too. What a heart warming sight. I juggled the snacks with one hand and took Tess’  hand and smiled down at her as we quickened our pace across the grass so my two most favorite ladies could meet. We laughed as we made haste, because the coffee tray bobbled just a bit. 

Wow! So much light! It was radiant on the walking path to the park bench. Warmth was everywhere! I whistled as I always had to allow grandma time to reach a stopping point. She didn’t like to be rushed or not given some warning. She always looked up and gave me her flapping hand wave and grandma grin. But, she did not look up. One knitting needle was on the ground. Did she doze off? Tess took the snacks I handed her. I knelt down to gently take grandmas hand and retrieve the stray needle. Grandma gave a heavy sigh. And I knew. 

All the light was for her. And for me. To know I was here, to support her, to witness her passing. She had waited until I took her hand. I pressed her head against my chest as tears dropped down my cheeks. She was not here now, and in that instant the sunlight grew brighter.


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