Day Ten: Happy Meal at Granny’s 

Oh man! I can smell them now! Home made buttermilk biscuits! Gravy, eggs, bacon or fatback and ham, sausage and streaks! Anyone else out there ever heard of  this brown liquid made from pork fat, a tad of coffee, and God only knows what else? It was heaven and I loved it so. 

My Granny was the best cook. No one came close in the breakfast department. She loved me and that made it the best! She would keep track of how many biscuits each person ate, and then announce who ate the most and the amount. This was done in case someone wanted to outdo the champ for the day. It was a most coveted title. Even at the expense of having a belly ache later.

She’s been gone now for some time. With her passing so does the tradition of streaks on gravy, C-O-K-E’s after naps, chocolate pie from jello pudding,  peppermints in church, chopped up fresh strawberries and crust with cream on top ! My mom carried on the peppermints in church, and the “good scald” on the biscuits! My Aunt still makes crust and puts up strawberries. But no one to this day carves up an empty milk jug to scrape the scraps from our plates into like she did. 

Ask anyone! Juber Odell was her name! She taught me to like the simple things in life such as Lawerence Welk and Jergens hand lotion. And to purchase make up from the local Avon lady because she’s a church friend who needs the money due to her husband being a closet drunk. 

She gave to everyone, volunteered and worked for under minimum wage at the local hospital as a nurses aid. She never took except for the hugs and kisses of her grandkids. She kept things simple. 

So I know the assignment was to describe our favorite food and I did, but it can’t be my favorite unless I talked about why and to whom the love for biscuits and gravy are connected! Granny was her name. Eating at her house was in the literal sense a “Happy Meal.”



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