Day 14 To whom it may concern: a passage

“noun 1. a portion or section of a written work; a paragraph, verse, etc.: a passage of Scripture. 2. a phrase or other division of a musical work. 3. Fine Arts. an …”

According to the dictionary this concerns movement. Moving the mind through written words, symbols or music. Whether we move to a thought or expression, directions, instruction, concoctions, or places that we visit, the word passage suggests moving from something to something else. That is life. The only truth is there will be flow or movement or change. Will it come through a passage? A paragraph, a scripture, a piece of music? A portrait? A verse? It’s a mystery which invites us. Will we allow the passage to lead us? To move us? Will it create desire or fall on stale rigid hearts? Even then I’ve seen it change a life ever so slowly. It is not our outcome to predict. It is not our agenda to complete. It is only that we notice or show up. Stay in the place and breathe the breath of life. Allow it to present itself. We will be moved.


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