Day 15: Find Your Voice…not difficult today

A friend, well a colleague of mine, posted to FB a rather honest look at how the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy made her really sad. She continued to say that she knew in the big pic of life that the death of “McDreamy” was not a big deal. I had a lot of compassion for her. I had lost a character named “Sweets” on the episode of Bones I was binge watching this week. I cried. A lot. I felt silly to talk about it. Oddly enough reading what she wrote was meaningful. 

Yes, these characters were a part of fiction, but “Sweets” on Bones had become a personality whom I had loved for many years. In the funeral scene for Sweets they used the song, “Put the lime in the coconut…” which they had used in another memorial when a squint from one of the early episodes was killed off on the show in an untimely accident . It was a wonderful tribute, but brought back great emotion. Such great writing. 
Now, my thoughts went to another post on FB for the day. It was from the daughter of a dear family friend. All our kids grew up together. She had posted a sweet memory as a birthday memorial about her youngest brother. He died in an abrupt car accident a few years ago. There are no words to describe the loss. One day he’s here and the next he is not.
Now the emotions of the day  from the TV loss seemed small next to this, and I cried again. I do think loss is when something real or perceived is no longer in the present. 
We get use to having people around in real life. The bar-b-que sauce and ketchup they eat are real and we miss them. We really do.

And I have to say the fictional TV characters are missed too. It is a loss. My mind will return to the sound of their voices on days like this. I keep these thoughts on the “down low “, but that’s how it is.



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