Case of the Broken Cell Phone

This will resonate with the population that deals regularly with dropping and cracking the cell phone or have a family member that seems to attract gravity more than others. My younger son has that propensity. His only dink in the armor is that he will not use an otter box. We always feel good about the next phone purchase because we buy insurance. But it never seems to be convenient when the time comes to take the carrier up on said insurance. 

Today was one of those days trying to figure out the system and find an option which would not cost us major amounts and increase our already heavy monthly cell phone service bill! Pretty sure it is more than our mortgage payment on our house and our vehicle payment combined. 

I spent the majority of my time in the Apple Store and for $70 more dollars I could have had it all settled. But the unknown $70 cheaper option was to go with a refurbished option and wait until the phone line became elligable for an upgrade. Which we all know is another way of saying …so we can increase your current bill by a hundred dollars. 

So since he mutilated his phone by dropping it “one too many times,” I was trying to get a new one for him. If we had Apple insurance it would have been a $79 fix but we were past a year from date of purchase, so it would be $269 to get a replacement. 

AT&T gives us insurance but it would cost $199 to get a refurbished phone and possibly have to continue to pay for the mutilated phone. Ok so $70 less. Wow, but I went to the AT&T store and they could not let me the mom conduct business! Only three names oft he current 6 persons covered could conduct business on this account. The husband, the oldest son, and third son who most frequently drops phones had to accompany me to the store in order for me to conduct business. 

 I was not happy with them. I had to redirect and come home and try to figure out how to proceed. Hard knocks says let the bastard roll and be without a phone till the day he dies. The flip side says knock said husband out and take his phone to give it to the third son, or option 3 move far away and let them deal with each other! Lol
Reality says I’ll stay and charge a new phone on a cc and pay for an otter box that adheres to the phone which he won’t be able to remove.  And, if he does, it alerts me and disables the phone so he can’t use it!

Take your pick! We always have options!