Sailboats or Friends


The lake where I walk often is full of sailboats. I love them. I love this place. I decided today it was our city’s “playground.” All people come here to hang out with loved ones or alone to exercise and be outdoors. You will see a diverse group of people in size, nationality, and gender. There are bike paths, walking and jogging paths. These are clearly marked, although the markers are a bit high and the casual pedestrian pays no attention to them until a “newbie” gets barked at by the less patient bike enthusiast. There are skaters, inline and longboards. There are recumbent bikes. There are child sized trikes. There are whole families walking, jogging, biking, and fishing. Fishing was the sport for today since the wind was up to 13-14 mph, but the skies were completely clear and the sun was on blast.

A while back I remember I never thought I could belong in a yacht club. I still don’t know a whole lot about it, but having frequented the boat docks and the lake for many years, I now have a sense of belonging. Maybe it’s my age, but I find the thought of being a member is no longer a foreign object. It seems a next step to this journey of life.

There are particularly two rigs that I have seen for years and would want to purchase if ever they were up for sale. The first one is named the “Chili Pepper” and the second much bigger vessel is called “Barefoot.” When my sons were small they would say they were going “Barefootin'”, so it is with a mom’s heartstrings that I have an affinity for the large vessel. I love that “CP” has red paint stripes to match its name. I also have to admit to a great friend who had a lovely dog named Chilly. Again, the heartstrings move me.

I love that “BF” has a cool blue and green tint to its rigging that suggests a nice walk through the park in the cool spring grass with no shoes. I have walked barefoot along the fence row where BF is stored. I feel as if they both are kindred spirits. Even though they are on opposite sides of the lake, I visit them respectfully as if they are friends. That is what any decent patron of such a sacred space would do. I look forward to seeing they are still there, and I smile as I pass either on my bike or walking past in my five fingers or barefoot. They seem to always greet me with the howl of the cables vibrating in the wind. It is music to my ears.

On today’s visit I introduced my friend BF to the Walk Talk Time client who walked and talked for 5 miles with me. It was great to share the ships majestic music with my friend on such a beautiful sun filled day. As we walked past I thought I heard, “Later.” To which I responded, “Gator!”


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