The Spice of Life


The article linked here is a great practical guide on the use of spices to improve our health. I love spices. Read, use and comment on your favorite spice or herb.

If I were to have to pick my favorite it would be turmeric without a doubt. I add it to brown rice every time I make it. I can’t seem to get enough of the flavor. The benefits are exponential too. Heart health support, anti-inflammation properties, and just a great taste are some of the reasons I use it.

Mint smells so good in the garden. Oregano on pizza and in soups does wonders. Cinnamon in coffee and tea is trendy but tasty, and chili peppers add flavor and a lot more to many dishes. Fresh garlic needs to be a staple and new cooks could ward off many illnesses by adding this ingredient. The garlic press will make its use second nature during meal prep.

Remember these inexpensive additions to the dishes add a lot of healthy benefits. Use them daily, weekly, or as often as possible. They will be…”The Spice of Life.”


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