Where did I go wrong?


Giving a piece of gum to a friend at school will only always lead to the question, “Where did I go wrong?” Am I right? This makes me laugh, but read on.

How many times have you heard, “Where did I go wrong?” Or said it? It is a negative question. Even people who do not ascribe to karma think that something they did in the past is coming back to create havoc for them now. So, the question”Where did I go wrong?” lingers like glue.

A wrong turn, a wrong side-glance at a long-lost lover, a wrong decision or string of decisions that plummet the business into bankruptcy, or a rare moment of pure impulsivity with friends which lands us in jail are all times where we would ask ourselves where we went wrong. Is there wrongness or do we experience contrast?

If you grew up in church, then the word wrong would be equal to sin. I keep seeing that the word sin depending on the root definitions keeps showing up as “missing the mark.” Even if the intention is sent toward the target it still falls short. So, without belaboring the point, do we go wrong or do we fall short of our mark?

One observation to be made is that with any process there will be movement and ripple effects. There will be missing the mark, but to what degree? Will it be gross error or slight mishap? Will it be life altering? Will it make life better? Will it allow growth? On a purely physical note there will be “wrong” and there will be “not correct” answers, paths, “sides of the bed.” We all great and small “miss the mark.” We all experience not being correct. We all take a wrong turn or make a wrong decision or possibly do wrong that needs to be made right.

So, “Where did I go wrong?” could be turned into “What’s my next step?” “Where do I go from here?” Don’t get stuck in the past of “Where did I go wrong?” Look for the next step, the action that will serve others. Allow goodness and mercy to flow through you in all situations. Look back on life with only one question from “Where did I go wrong?” to “Where did I go?” And then stay in the present moment and keep setting your intention to hit the mark.

Life may not look like the picture in your mind. It may take on a whole different personality, but allow goodness to flow. In all things give thanks, and give that piece of gum to your friend, but not at school.


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