Opportunity… I think so!


I love this saying! Opportunity knocks, some say once, but wouldn’t the world be such an interesting place if we just went for the opportunities offered, whether we “feel” ready or not? Opportunity could be compared to blessings. What if we could hone our skill of seeing the blessings? We can. Look with eyes wide open to possibilities. Life becomes colorful when we see with the lens of possibility as opposed to limits.

There is a song by Sam Cooke with lyrics that say, “What a wonderful place this would be…” He was eloquently reflecting how he doesn’t remember much of the subjects he took in school, but he knows he loves a person and if the person loved him back then …”what a wonderful world place this would be.” Co-dependent?  Maybe, the point being why do we feel our world won’t be wonderful unless x, y, z, or until the right job comes along, the right lover comes along, we live in the right house, or have the best granite cabinets, or the best pet, or better children? The list can be really long. Crazy when a lot of the world just wants water for the day. But that is another subject. Would it not be a great place to be because we are in the present moment? What a wonderful world this”IS.”

All around opportunities abound. Possibilities. Ask God, Spirit, creator, energy to reveal, to open our eyes to the interesting tidbits of life.  There may be a grumpy person to serve in customer service jobs, or a disabled vet to take food to, or a person stranded on the side of the road, or a neighbor that needs help digging a hole to plant his new tree. Ask daily, or hourly, or three times a day, but ask to remove the cloud, the blinders and see without limits.Wear your shades, because it will be bright what is shown to us in the light! No rhyme intended. For today see opportunity.





Make up your mind!


What a great meme! This could be me daily when the cat comes in to eat. He comes to find me to let him out afterwards, but then we have a long song and dance of, will he go or will he stay?  It could also be me with an analytic personality where I find I deliberate as long as the cat does before he springs into action. Will I get nine lives? Some ancient thoughts are that we reincarnate, rather our souls do many times over to learn and assist others in different stages of life lessons. Scriptures state that Jesus asked his apostles, “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Matthew 16:15 NIV  This is interesting to me as I grew up in a traditional christian religion where anything but “drinking the Kool-aid” would send you to H-E double hockey-sticks. I have no reason to control what others think about this topic. It is not mine to control. But, another aspect of this topic is the decision to make up our mind. Are we going in or not?

Going in could indicate diving in the pool, entering the grocery store, going in to surgery or going in to talk to the relatives about a touchy subject. Are we going in or not? Action over words is my motto. Do we bear fruit? Are our actions helpful or not? The cat sits and thinks and then puts actions into motion with no words, just going in or going out. He makes up his mind. I can learn from him.

My cats name is Capt. Tibbles. When he first came home to live with us he was private Tibbles. He has moved up through the ranks since his first days with us. The sons named him. Maybe he has nine lives. He certainly will have many ranks before he leaves this earth. One thing is for sure, he does make up his mind, and when he does he puts action in motion. No words are uttered, no purr, no meow. He just simply takes a step.

There is so much we could learn from that simple action of taking a step. No fear, no thoughts of future or past. Just a step to the outside or a step heading off to the closest corner to hole up in for a nap. What will be our next decision? Are we in or are we out? It really is that simple. We just have to make up our mind!

Let’s Walk & Talk


Today was similar to my bike riding kind of days. Yesterday there was rain. This pic was taken a while back. After a ride there was time to fly a kite. The days are nice and long now that May has passed. Relax is a word that comes to mind when I ride with no angst. If all days could be enjoyed like these moments the world would know peace.

Angst is conjured up with my thoughts around scheduled events. I can have an evening event to attend and the hours leading up to it will feel laden with tension around my thoughts about attending the event. What to wear, what vehicle has enough gas to transport me, will there be any scheduling issues, will the humans I reside with (who haven’t communicated all day) decide to unleash their thoughts and ideas 5 minutes before departure, or will I have to let the dog out one last time before I leave and clean up the cat hairball vomit before the dog gets to it. And on, and on it goes if I allow my thoughts to get the best of me. Do those things happen often? Yes, but do they have to torture me? They do if I let them.

I love to read and I surf the information highway as often as I can. I am an information junkie. My reading these past few days have brought me to reflect on my blessings as a way to calm the mind. Deborah King encourages people to journal and list the good things that the day brings and Spirit or God allows us. I grew up singing “Count your many blessings, name them one by one,” so, this is not a new concept. It is, however, one I look forward to doing like a bedtime ritual. My thoughts around counting or looking for the blessings of the day like one would hunt Easter eggs, some in broad daylight others behind the stumps, has brought me to my bright idea. Not a new one to the world, but one I realize I am ready to pursue during my Walk and Talk Time at the lake.

It showed up as I walked along the lake’s water edge. Why not ask people to meet at the parking lot by the playground and walk with me to the large stones about 20ish minutes south to meet for at least 10 minutes of gratitude? “10 Minutes of Gratitude!” What a great idea. It takes 20 minutes to walk and contemplate the blessings they want to share, then 10 minutes of gratitude at the stones as a type of silent meditation, followed by 20ish minutes of sharing the blessings walking back. There is power in like-minded mindfulness. The scriptures say, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst.” Matthew 18:20 KJV

Why would this not bless those that make time for it? It is a win-win event. Blessings are always a great idea. Are you in? Leave a message here or contact me on Walk & Talk Time FB page or  Twitter to schedule a time. Let’s Walk and Talk! It’s Time!