“I teach only because I have been taught, by many who have amazing perspective!” JHR

” I, Jacqueline, being of “mostly” sound body and “mostly” sound mind, do hereby declare that I love to listen and point people to their inner wisdom!”

One of my earliest memories is of settling squabbles in the backyard and playgrounds. On a regular basis, I was known to lecture my siblings with the wealth of common sense I had been given which poured out of me much to their chagrin. Since then, I haven’t been able to contain my interest in all things self-help and my innate need to share with all whom I interact . I just can’t help myself!

Additionally, traveling in Europe and other parts of the world have enhanced my appreciation and experience of observing human nature. Coupled with my many years in education and work with students, the world has provided me with perspective, experience and a toolkit that I continue to draw from for each new client.

Training and experience allow me to view people’s personal puzzles as great possibilities. My mission is to rid the world of bad thinking and create living testimony that individuals can become their own best personal resource for the life they desire.

And for the opportunity to do this, I am continually grateful.

I would like to list some of the life experiences which have blessed me with understanding. Some are:
Religious upbringing, transient childhood (moving 41 times before 7th grade), wife, mother of 4, divorced, remarried, home-school and public school teacher, bus driver, bicycle enthusiast, 1/2 marathon and marathon relay completer, multiple 5k’s completed, weekly walking/jogging, couch to 5k completer and current couch to 10k participant, traveler, dog and cat owner, avid reader of much fiction and self-help books, music lover, movie enthusiast, 3 Principles Understanding: Mind, Consciousness, Thought in Coaching topics , Hay House Radio enthusiast, lover of fun, and much more.

Contact me at jackieradford1@gmail.com


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