Wow! It’s now!

Time really flies by! From time to time writing gets pushed to the side. Trying to get back at it takes a focus on what is happening right now! So this moment is filled with interesting events. This weekend is full of bands playing locally for the “Gentlemen of the Road” tour by Mumford and Sons! Here in the backyard! Amazing to live in an area where they would bring their magic! It is a reminder of the greatness of this country. If we can’t attend “Woodstock ” then bring it to us! People camping outside! Can’t make it through town because traffic is at a standstill! Vendors, food, music on every corner. 24/7 feasting and frivolity. A reason to celebrate! A cool band has come to town! For a couple of days time stops and people stop and listen and can’t help but change perspective. Everyone stretches. From publishing the handbill to lodging to campgrounds to food vendors running out of everything and then some. But what a sight and what an energy! You can’t stand still and you can’t run fast enough. Enjoy the pure and simple of the Now! Wow!