IDK…Is Not An Answer


One ticket… really? Says it all. Funny, but we all have many layers too. I gave students a paper discussing and instructing the topic of emotions . All boys, mind you. Many asked if they could write “IDK” for an answer.  They were good-natured about it but not-self aware. Most were missing knowledge of some layers, but then aren’t we all.

The psychology behind this thought is peeling back the layers like an onion. Strip away one layer to find another layer waiting to be explored and peeled back. It is a process. It is life. There is no end just an exploration of the layers, but we can’t explore or stay on the path of discovery if our answers are continuously “IDK.” That stalls the process. We have to go a direction for there to be contrast. This movement in any direction gives us information upon which to base our next move. So, when in doubt … make a decision and see where that takes you. Then another, then another, then another.  Keep moving, keep going, keep seeing contrast and living through it and making the next best decision. Ask, What’s my next best step? It will give you information so you can know what to do next. Keep going. No “IDK” here.


Make up your mind!


What a great meme! This could be me daily when the cat comes in to eat. He comes to find me to let him out afterwards, but then we have a long song and dance of, will he go or will he stay?  It could also be me with an analytic personality where I find I deliberate as long as the cat does before he springs into action. Will I get nine lives? Some ancient thoughts are that we reincarnate, rather our souls do many times over to learn and assist others in different stages of life lessons. Scriptures state that Jesus asked his apostles, “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Matthew 16:15 NIV  This is interesting to me as I grew up in a traditional christian religion where anything but “drinking the Kool-aid” would send you to H-E double hockey-sticks. I have no reason to control what others think about this topic. It is not mine to control. But, another aspect of this topic is the decision to make up our mind. Are we going in or not?

Going in could indicate diving in the pool, entering the grocery store, going in to surgery or going in to talk to the relatives about a touchy subject. Are we going in or not? Action over words is my motto. Do we bear fruit? Are our actions helpful or not? The cat sits and thinks and then puts actions into motion with no words, just going in or going out. He makes up his mind. I can learn from him.

My cats name is Capt. Tibbles. When he first came home to live with us he was private Tibbles. He has moved up through the ranks since his first days with us. The sons named him. Maybe he has nine lives. He certainly will have many ranks before he leaves this earth. One thing is for sure, he does make up his mind, and when he does he puts action in motion. No words are uttered, no purr, no meow. He just simply takes a step.

There is so much we could learn from that simple action of taking a step. No fear, no thoughts of future or past. Just a step to the outside or a step heading off to the closest corner to hole up in for a nap. What will be our next decision? Are we in or are we out? It really is that simple. We just have to make up our mind!