What are you Watering?


Tis’ the season! “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz’, I wonder where the flowers is?” Has anyone heard that diddy? It’s an old one with many variations on the theme. I love this pic of the watering cans. Such creativity, flow, and good energy all in one space. Could our lives be a source of such goodness, bright light, crystal clear reflection? We long to make a lasting mark in our world or workplace or home.

If you will notice some water falls out of the can and ends up on the well designed rock, but it all flows. In constant motion while it is connected to a source. I hate to say it, but this is reflective of life. When we are plugged in to our source we too stay in motion. We sleep or nap from time to time, but we continue to learn and grow and move and shake.

I get caught up in which water I am. I have to be the water running out the spout, not down the side. That would be scandalous or not appreciated. It would get talked about by all the water flowing and the cans would only appreciate the running water not the water that splashes. Gah! Does source care? Does source say only the water that flows through the spout will be blessed? No. Source gives. Source gives freely so that the water may flow and the cans will receive and be the vessel, the pipeline, if you will. Maybe the watering cans are our Guardian Angels, assisting us, guiding us.

Well, it is a cool picture with many analogies. And it made me wonder…what are we watering? Where are we going? Does it matter? Or does it matter only that we go?