These Days

Creativity comes and goes these days. It shows up mostly when I interact with students. I never plan it. It just pops up. It originates around the freedom to go wherever the conversation flows. It is spontaneous.

Conversation with teens is transient at best. It take twists and turns and can often be playful if the adult is willing to allow for unscripted dialogue. This happens when an atmosphere of peace is fostered and there is no hidden agenda. Mutual respect can be established when the lines of communication are open. It’s fun and necessary for students to be heard. It takes a bit of time, but doesn’t have to consume all time. Have fun. Be spontaneous and enjoy the humor which shows up in the moment. It’s the stuff from which relationships are built.

Which teachers do you remember from High School? Are there any you admire? I only had a few. One was a band director named Roger, because he was funny. A choir director, because she was truthful with my craft, and her husband the science teacher because he was so informative with practical healing information called Biology. It woke up my soul, a type of inner wisdom. Another was my principal who was playful and to be respected, and an English teacher for the mechanics of writing she instilled, not because she liked me, because frankly she didn’t. They either invested in classroom climate or they invested in me the individual. Not many did both. They were only human. So, I choose to invest in individuals. It makes a lasting connection these days and creativity flows from here. Maybe not like I think it should look or how a lesson plan will map it out, or what I’ll be evaluated by, but it will flow.

These days are filled with opportunity to observe, to interact, to create, to inspire, to witness inspiration. Choose to engage in…these days.

“Well I’ll keep on moving…
Things are bound to be improving
These days, One of these days.” Jackson Browne