One Size Fits All?


No Battle here with this pic right before Easter. Please don’t be offended, or do. It’s up to you. I often think I will get off FB especially when I do not agree, or I get fussy about a post I’ve just read. What I notice is that after I explode or vent in the mirror I become glad for the opportunity to stretch my thought life. It takes on different dimensions. That is growth. If we arrive, figure it all out, or become satisfied and limit our ability to see the other side, or sides, then we stop growing. Life is about questions, not answers.

Schools get it wrong always asking for the “right” answer. How about every day we see how many questions students could ask?  Facts are for one thing only and that is to lead us to more questions. The greatest movies look like they are wrapping up the ending in a neat package only to allude to the possibilities after the ending, that from which a sequel could be made. It’s the hook. It is creativity, flow, our source of life. Why would our creator want us to stop? or to control? or to limit? or to not recognize differences?

So, one size fits all? Really? Even stretchy material like spandex is not comfortable when stretched beyond its limit. When we proof text to prove our points we show our limitations, our blind spots. We all have them. That’s not bad, but it shows our limits. I am not opposed to people wanting to live with belief systems that serve them and their upbringing. I am not opposed to people adhering to faith. I love when folks show passion for the creator. These show energy. That is good, but I spot control a mile away. This takes place when the person says with their actions “it’s my way or the highway.” When others are lesser financially, or intellectually, and are expected to think or make decisions we would make, then we control. Or, we do not protect those much younger than ourselves, but expect them to live according to high standards “we deem valuable,” then I see clearly that growth is not taking place, only control.  Ego is at the helm.

Some say they are setting the “bar” high for the greater good. Okay, that serves a purpose. Use that for personal growth, but if we toss aside the very people we say we are trying to help, we become a mini god, judge and jury. That is what power does to those without checks and balances.

Cookie cutter education, religion, or politics produces robots that think, act and dress alike. Is there no room for different walks of life? Do we think success looks and smells like us. Really? I don’t think one size fits all.