“When the roll is called up yonder…”


Everyone wants to fit in. Everyone wants to belong. We all long for some type of acceptance. We get puppies that will love us in spite of our tempers and sad days. Most have a family member or in some cases so many family members we don’t even know some of the names. We want someone to call our name though. So we can say we are here! So we can be present and point to how we showed up. We participated.

It’s Easter, so we want to be included in the teaching of death, burial, resurrection. We accept it. Our family taught it to us. We teach it to our kids, and they teach it to theirs. On it goes. It is radical. It is mystical. It brings us to tears. It is a story of love.

We can fight it, war against it, or we can teach it. We can belittle it. We can stand in awe of it. We can doubt or fearlessly believe. We can never change how the message has shaped our past, our present and our future. It is multidimensional.  I will not argue about it. It is a part of mankind. “One truth, many songs.” Many interpretations, and that is even scandalous to many different cultures. Look outside though, so many variations to the theme depending on where you are.

So, “When the roll is called up yonder…” Will you be there? We will all be somewhere. I’ll place my bets on it being “up yonder.” I think it will surprise even those who say they have it all figured out.

I can’t help it. This makes me want to sing. Songs from days gone by for some and days ahead for others.

“I serve a risen savior. He’s in the world today…

He lives within my heart!”