Up in the air!

It’s such a wonderful time ! Late at night flying home from Denver. The plane is not crowded. So much room. So much laughter! Everyone is relaxed as we head home! The crew has jokes and the atmosphere is light hearted! What a beautiful end to a wonderful trip!

I Walked and Talked with my extended family including nephews and my sister. We walked the dog and played a lot of “chuck-it!” We hiked and swam. Took a tour of Bass Pro Shop. 11 and 12 year olds who have never been before were bug eyed and so excited to see the wonder of the possibilities from outdoor equipment! And who knew Buffalo Wild Wings with world soccer playing on 30’something flat screens would have mini iPads on which to game as well!

We sewed up an OKC Kevin Durant Thunder T-shirt so the slender fellow could wear it! Hemmed pants and stitched up rips in the throw pillows. All the while talking about life! Important days these are! Passing along good tidings all the while feeling blessed to know contentment is just a thought away! Change our thinking and we change our life! Change our life and we encourage others to think positive. Find the good. Focus on what CAN be done. Serve others. Treat people as we want to be treated! Find humor in life and in ourselves. And live passionately and from creativity!

Now is as good a time as ever to Walk & Talk! Where ever we are! Whenever we can! At work, at home, on vacation, while traveling it is always a good idea. People are inspired and healing takes place!

I am coming down from being up in the air, but the time invested was a blessing for all!


First day of summer break!

Wow! Another school year flew by and the first day of summer break is here again! It’s such a luxurious feeling. I always tell myself, “Self, you don’t have to get up if you don’t want to! It’s summer break!” But then I get up anyway because the possibilities of all I could do this day are limitless and fun and rewarding!

I could make a huge list of things to do, places to go, people to see. But today I sent my Mom and Dad some cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day combined because I’m terrible to remember them on the actual day. I also am reading a great book called “Falling Upwards” by Richard Rohr. It talks about there being a first half of life and a second half. It rings so true. We settle into occupation and family and then something radical happens. It all gets turned upside down. The full house becomes empty with an appealing quiet and peaceful lack of hubbub. The conversations are distant from the past or are realized as those with yourself deciding audibly about breakfast cereal or protein shake. The day has come when you hear your angels gracefully suggesting there is more to our walk here in the physical. Spiritual joy will come from continuing the journey through the failures and setbacks. Is our life half empty or half full?

First day of summer break has brought with it the opportunity to create or just rest. Or, I will most likely do both many times over throughout the day. It will be a great blessing to allow the silence to offer its energy. “The lazy days of summer” are what my mom called it while growing up. Lazy not in the aspect of there being nothing to do, but rather the option to go a different pace with grace and ease. Until the Angels become more insistent upon my participation in social matters, I will enjoy the writing and the reading and the hum of the fan in my …”First day of summer break.”